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Bennington Plant Ltd are a professional and reliable Earthmoving and demolition contractor, based in Norfolk, UK. 

Offering you first class services and a wide range of quality construction machinery, vehicles, attachments and tools for hire; available with or without operators.

Whether for large scale earthmoving projects, lasting months, or for a small DIY project lasting a day, the machinery and equipment available to hire can be delivered straight to your site for reliable use with self drive, or with machine and operator.

Our services are all carried out with the highest levels of health and safety in mind.

All Bennington Plant operators have CITB CPCS certification to operate machinery safely. Visit the CITB website for more information.


  • Earthmoving

  • Demolition

  • Large Plant Hire

  • GPS machine control

  • Machine and operator hire

Case Study

Barn Demolition, Southery

This barn was beyond saving , we were contracted in to demolish the building in a safe and controlled manner.

It took only X hours to reduce the barn – which was in the way of future farm development- to a pile of rubble. 

Large & Small Plant Hire